Ang Mo Kio home is a desirable property strata landed housing featuring Belgravia Ace


It is a cluster development of freehold, new launch landed clusters by Tong Eng Group. Belgravia Ace location map located in District 28 at the prestigious Belgravia Precinct. It is a bespoke development that consists of 104 units of semi-detached or 3 terrace houses.

Owning a property brings with it a feeling of luxury and sophistication. You can’t get a better view of the beauty and grandeur of your home than from a premium piece freehold land. You deserve the best as a homeowner. Belgravia Ace’s location next to Singapore’s new business districts will make your life even more enjoyable. It’s close to all the amenities you need without having to travel far to do simple tasks. It is convenient and far from busy streets. It feels like home, but it’s not because there are so many condo living options that other real estate developments do not offer. This unique value addition is hard to match in today’s market in terms of both quality and exclusivity.


A renowned developer will convert the units in the development to Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. This is a truly unique development , located within the Seletar Hills neighborhood of Singapore. These units are ideal for families who need lots of living space. Each home can accommodate 2 vehicles. To help residents relax after a long day of work, important facilities like the pool, relaxation cove and spa have been thoughtfully designed into the building. It is also near to Ai Tong School, as well as nearby shopping centers (Seletar Mall and Greenwich V), making it easy for anyone who wants to see the property. Read Belgravia Ace Review.


Shi Ya Ju Li Mall is located at the intersection of Ang Mo Kio Group and Tong Eng Group. It offers a variety of shopping options with an exciting selection shops and restaurants, as well as a variety of outdoor seating options in a sophisticated, open setting.


Belgravia Ace is located near Ang Mo Kio MRT and has excellent connectivity. It’s connected to schools like Anderson Serangoon Junior College, Anderson Secondary School, Anderson Secondary School, Anderson Primary School, and Jing Shan Primary School. Tong Eng Group. It is located just a short drive from major work areas, making it ideal for working parents.

Newly-built condo Belgravia Ace Plan will be completed. It will be spread across the entire land parcel. Residents will have plenty of space to enjoy the fresh air and the outdoors in their newly-built apartments.

Residents will have the opportunity to connect with nature through the landscaping. There will be regular swimming pools, BBQ, and outdoor cooking pavilions. Additionally, there will also be exercise areas, after-school programs for children, as well as adult martial arts classes and yoga.

These are artist impressions of Belgravia Green’s fitness facilities. They will be very similar for Belgravia Ace residents.

Tong Eng has owned the land used for the Belgravia Ace cluster house development for a while. It is part the principally freehold /999 leasehold Seletar Hill Estate (District 28, which dates back to the early days in Singapore. Tong Eng purchased the plots that were previously privately owned at a lower price than the ones subject to the sales launches of last year. It is unlikely that they will sell them at these prices, especially considering the fact that prime plots in this area are currently being sold for more than $2 million.

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